Micro Botanicals

Using a muted color palette and an array of textures and materials, the artful explorations in this body of work seek to unravel the mysteries of plant structures. Using micrographs as my reference material, I am inspired by the complexity of botanical structures as seen through a microscope and particularly of seeds, which seem expertly and intricately designed to exemplify the beauty, resilience, and awe-inspiring process that is growth and life expressed at various stages.

Red Algae 36" x 36"

Teasel Flower Bud 48" x 48"

Dahlia (Parable of the Sower) 24" x 24"

Lamium Stamens (Common Henbit) 26" x 18"

Water Milfoil Shoot 14" x 10"

Eulophia Alta (Wild Coco Orchid) 16" x 12"

Mushroom Gill Cap 14" x 10"

Heaven Scent (Brugmansia) 24" x 24"


Russian Olive (Remain in Me) 8" x 8"

Saffron Flower (Crocus Sativus) 20" x 16"

Hepatica Nobilis (Liverwort) 16" x 12"

Delphinium 22" x 22"

Horsetail Stalk 12" x 12"

Arabidopsis Thaliana 24" x 24"

Papaver Somnifer 18" x 18"

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